Do you know any Crappy People?

I had an interesting interaction today. I was handling customer service because Cheryl was out. Cheryl has been handling customer service for me for about 4 years. And she is great. She used to work for my wife’s  law firm back in the day. She is way over qualified to answer emails and phone calls for my little internet business – but it has worked out great for everyone.

Anyways… back to the story. I was going through the support requests and helping people. Some of them had questions. Some of them had problems downloading their course. And a few wanted refunds because either they weren’t happy with what they bought or in a couple of cases – their situation had changed and they just wanted to go another direction. That’s fine with me for sure and I was processing their refunds.

Then I got an email from a young lady… Lets call her “Tosha”. Thats not her real name (and if your name is Tosha and you are reading this – I apologize in advance). Anyways, Tosha sends and email and says she can’t download her course. I said no problem and send her the course via email and a link to download it anytime later as well. Problem solved… right?

Well… A minute later I get another email from her asking for a refund. I responded that I was sorry she was not happy but I was happy to refund her purchase and I processed it right then and there. I also made sure that our shopping cart sent her a receipt email showing the refund. But before I could even finish the process there was another email from her in the queue. I couldn’t read it yet as I was still processing her refund…

After sending her the email letting her know that it was refunded, I checked the next email (which had come exactly 2 minutes after the 2nd one). This email threatened me personally, called me an MF’er and said that she was going to call the cops and have them up in my “crib” in 10 minutes if I didn’t give her a refund. I responded to her email and ignored the personal attacks and assured her that I had already refunded the purchase – and I took a screenshot of the merchant account showing the full refund. Sent this email but had another one already in the box calling me a crook and a scammer, etc… Then a couple minutes later I got her 5th email in less than 10 minutes that accused me of lying to her about the refund because she had checked her account from her cellphone and the money had not been deposited back in it. She then called me a couple more names and used the “F word” another time and threatened me again. I once again responded to her and let her know that the way merchant accounts work is that when a charge is refunded that it will take a couple days for her bank to communicate with the merchant company and do the credit. I explained how I wished that it wasn’t that way and that if there were any way to speed up the process that we would but unfortunately refunding the charge directly from our merchant account is the only thing we could do. I also assured her that we had processed the refund as soon as she asked and that she could look on the screenshot and verify the names and times, etc…

So, the last email before I had to log out of the account and take some time off from customer service… In this email, Tosha again accused us of scamming her. She called me a MF’er again. She threatened to come down to our address personally and beat me up (not how she put it). She was going to call the police. And several other threats.

The fact is that she has our product and has her money as well. I never argued with her or made it difficult for her in any way. As a matter of fact, I am pretty sure that she never even looked at the product in the first place. She didn’t have time. She merely decided that she was going to make whoever was on the other side of that email miserable. I don’t know what more to do than apologize, give her money back and let her keep the product that I spent 6 weeks and $1500 to create.

I called Cheryl and chatted with her about it since she has been handling customer service for so long… and her take on it was that this was happening more and more often. She said she gets one of these every day. It makes me sad that Cheryl deals with people like this every day.

I want to think that people are good. Lately I feel like a lot of people are bad. I just want to help good people who want to make something of themselves. I know there are good people out there  - it just seems like the bad ones are so much louder.

If you are one of the good ones and read this blog – let me know… You are the people I want to help and surround myself with – life is too short to deal with crappy people.

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