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KISSI have been stuck. I want to make this blog awesome and helpful. But there are so many things to write about (potentially) that I have been stuck – for about 4 months.

The other thing is that people tell you that you have to write “epic shit”. I have seen that phrase thrown out about blogging about 100 times. I am not a writer. So I don’t know if I am even capable of writing “epic shit”. I am not going to try.

I am just going to try and write some actionable and helpful stuff and see where that takes me. So, the blog posts will be coming much more frequently and will cover more breadth of topics. But hopefully will give you and me some cool ideas and ways to make an income online. I have been fortunate in that I have made an income online for over 10 years now. It is an amazing thing to think that you can make it without a job or boss – but that is what me and lots of other people are doing.

There are plenty of complicated ways to make an income online but since I have to start somewhere – I say lets keep it simple for now.

The simplest way that I know of to make an income online is to offer a service.

This is not a passive way to make money – but it is a real way. These days you can be a virtual assistant, an article writer, a bookkeeper or any number of other things – remotely. You can do it all from the comfort of your home in you pj’s if you wish. This is called freelancing by many people. It is very simple in that you can go onto a website, post your profile, offer a service and bid on jobs that appear. You wont get rich doing this but you can certainly make a living. There are tons of people who make 40k+/yr just from freelancing sites. And that is just if you are offering general services – like writing web content or virtual assisting.

If you have a specific skill, then you can make way more.

Top Freelancing Sites

Here are some of the main freelancing sites where you can get jobs at: – big site where you can get all kinds of different jobs from VA to programming – if you are a writer or have special knowledge this is a site you should be on for sure – web design, programming, apps and more – if you want to do a small task for five bucks – then this is the place!

Each of the sites above caters to a different audience. You will get the idea when you go there and click around.

How Can I Compete With THAT?

One thing I do want to mention… and this is something that stops a ton of people before they even get started… Don’t look at the rates advertised by your competition. A lot of people get on odesk or one of the sites and they see writers from the Philipines or wherever and there rate is $2 per hour. They then shut it down saying to themselves “I’m not going to work for two dollars per hour!” Well, you don’t have to. There are people who want writers who write $2 articles and there are people who pay twenty dollars for an article. But you have to be worth it. I personally have spent over fifty grand this year on workers at odesk – so I know that there are plenty of people making good money there. You gotta be willing to work though – and charge what you are worth.

One more thing… on sites like odesk it is important to fully fill out your profile, take all the tests and get that first job quickly. So, what a lot of people will do is get a small job first just so they have some hours show up and get a good review. Many employers wont hire someone who has zero hours. So that is important. If anyone takes this article to heart and creates their profile, post it on here and i will give you some tips on it. Also, I will try to hire people that read my blog where I can…

What If I Don’t Know How to Design a Web Page?

Now, I am sure some of you might be thinking – “I don’t have a skill that people will pay me for…” – NOT TRUE.

Check out these gigs on fiverr if you have any doubts:

This pretty girl will pretend to be your girlfriend on facebook for five bucks

This guy will do a custom chicken dance for you

This person will eat a raw onion and film it for you for five bucks


There are tons of people who will do impressions for five bucks – from Jack Sparrow to Arnold Swarzenegger :)

So, you can certainly find some hidden talent that you can sell. And think about it – if you sell it 10 times a day that is $1000 a month or more! Doing virtually nothing…

So, go do something crazy on fiverr! (and have fun doing it)

I will leave you with this. Many people in the USA complain about jobs being outsourced. And there is a valid point there. As a matter of fact, my fathers machine shop that he has run for 30 years will probably go out of business this year because all the work he used to do is now being sent to China. And that does suck. But… the other side of the coin is true too. The internet has made it possible for someone in Iowa to work for a small business in California …or a person in Georgia to work for someone in South Carolina – all thru their computer. You can find work all over the world at your fingertips. There are 2 things that you have to do to make this happen for yourself though.

First you have to understand that the way things work in the world are changing. You have to stop looking at yourself as an employee looking for a job and start looking at yourself as YOU, inc. ┬áThis means that you are a freelancer, a gun for hire, an independent contractor who doesn’t need a 9 to 5 job to go to every day – you can make the money you need by providing your services to the thousands and thousands of companies worldwide that are looking for talent.

The second thing that you will have to change is that you have to figure out the skills that people are willing to pay for now – and get good at them. Learn to make a website… a good one! Learn to write. Learn how to do things that companies need. Also, and this is just a side point… When you choose yourself you wont be slacking off at work anymore because it is all up to you – but that is a good thing. Taking your future into your own hands is the best decision you can ever make and one that will open your eyes to the world of possibilities that are out there today.

Good luck and post any questions or profiles you want me to look at in the comments…

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