Saving the World… One Person at a Time

I want to make a difference. Most people do at some level. Save the world? Probably not …but something.

There are lots of causes out there…

- save the whales

- save the rain forest

- go green and save the whole planet

I am not into whales or rainforests that much… Although they are cool. I was about 30 feet from a whale in my boat one time just outside the wedge at Newport Beach. It was a massive creature. I was really surprised how big they are – it was bigger than my boat. But that is a story for another time…

Back to helping save the world – or making whatever difference we can. I think that focusing on the good is the only way we can make it. There is so much negative input out there right now that it is easy to get completely focused on all the bad. That just demotivates me. I dont want to be demotivated and depressed about all the bad stuff… I want to make whatever difference I can.

So the first thing that I thought about was helping people learn how to do what I do – make their living on the internet.

I get asked two questions all the time…

The first (and obvious) question most people ask me is…

“What do you do?”

People see that I have a lot more freedom than most other 42 year olds. I have the time and flexibility to coach my daughter’s soccer team. The time to volunteer at their school. To be at my other daughter’s horse shows. And even squeeze in a little golf every week :)

So they often wonder how I have all this time freedom but still am able to pay for everything. I then explain that “I didn’t win the lottery. I just have built several online businesses that give me passive income.” Then one of two things happen – either blank stare followed by change of topic… OR they then want to know way more about how I do it. Which leads to the second question…

“How do you do your business?” and the implied question “Will you teach me?”

Here’s where it gets tricky. I have been doing this for a long time. I do work hard at what I do. Often times I work harder than anybody I know. But people just see the fruit of my labor. The freedom I get because the accumulation of lots of work leads to freedom. So the tricky part is explaining to someone that they have to work at this harder than they have EVER worked for their boss. That they have to really learn it. Really implement. And understand that at first they will get little positive feedback – but eventually it will pay off.

That’s not what people want to hear

As a matter of fact, I did try to help several of my buddies back about 5 or 6 years ago. It was at the beginning of the mortgage meltdown.

Before I get into that let me be clear about one thing… I’m not what I would consider “rich” – like the song “Royals” from Lorde says… I don’t have a Tiger on a gold leash :)

To me getting rich has never been the end goal… I came in this world with nothing and I’m pretty sure I can’t take it with me… so it’s more about experiences and having my time be free to do what I want. That is way more valuable to me than fancy cars or stuff like that.

No judgements if that’s what YOU are into… it’s just not what motivates me. ¬†Anyways, back to the story…

So it was like 2007 or so and several of my buddies that worked traditional jobs either got laid off or had their income dry up (mortgage brokers,etc.) – so they were eager to see what I was doing online. So we dug into it. They started coming over to my house every evening.

I was teaching them from scratch how I did it…

I started from the very beginning and was teaching them all the little details.

-How to build a website.

-How to pick a product.

-How to set up email auto responders.

-How to get traffic.

All the stuff that it takes to make a sale online. As I was going though, something started happening. They started missing (as they didn’t get the homework done) the meetings. And eventually the group that was so fired up at the start – ended up giving up. Every single one of them gave up. To a man.

Now, they were motivated. Their income was either gone or leaving. So they had proper motivation… why didn’t they stick with it?

Well… I talked to a couple of them and they got distracted by life. Another one got a new job and had to focus there. Then finally one of the guys said what I was thinking had been the problem all along…

“Learning Internet Marketing is Too Hard…”

He felt like he wouldn’t be able to get it and make it all work. Now this guy isn’t just some slacker. He’s a college educated man who ran his own real estate company for several years. He was capable of learning it – but honestly it is hard work. And he would have to do what I did… put in tons of hours until he got it.

It is a very rare person who is willing to work from 9pm til 2am for 3 or 4 years to learn something to better their family. It’s easier to just go with the flow and continue trading in those hours for dollars.

Another factor that I think contributed to their lack of success (in my opinion) was that I gave all this to them for free. When I would help companies with their marketing – I charged $500 an hour. And they were happy to pay it – because the changes I helped them make in their marketing often made them tens of thousands – even hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run. So they really valued my advice. There is something about human nature that discounts something that is free. We don’t value it the same. That’s why 95% of lottery winners are broke again within 5 years!

But just so you know, I don’t think any less of these guys because they didn’t make anything happen with it. I do however feel like I wasted about 100 hours of my time. Which I will never get back.

Because of that, it tainted my willingness to get involved with helping others start their own business online. Honestly, I thought it was probably too hard for most people to do and so I would discourage people from even trying. I wouldn’t out and out tell them not to do it. I would just tell them to buy a book off amazon – and that would usually end it.

So that is what I have been doing for the last 5+ years… sort of pushing it off because I thought it was too hard for most people to do. I often thought that if there was an easier way to learn it all and a simpler way to get started without having to learn all the techie stuff that people could probably do it… but honestly nothing like that existed. Until Now…

The other day a buddy of mine sent me a link to this website that was helping tons of people get started making money online. I figured it was like so many other things out there – a bunch of hype and very little “meat”… well, I was wrong. I looked into it and it is exactly what the beginner needs to get started making money online. From what I have seen it’s the…

Easiest Way For Newbies to Start Making Money Online… Period.

I’m not going to get into trying to explain all of it here… but suffice it to say that it is a way to get started online without all the technical stuff. It makes getting going so easy that anyone can do it – and it gives you a chance to actually make some money while you are learning how to market online. But honestly it is easier if you just watch the video on their site:

Get Started Making Money Online

Check it out and let me know what you think. I am not one to recommend things like this normally because it is hard to control what other people say and do – and I dont want to hurt my reputation by aligning with the wrong people. But honestly, these guys seem to really care and I get a good vibe from them. So check it out and let me know what you think.



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