RSS feeds part deux… Why do I care about RSS if I am a blog reader?

So, if you just read the previous RSS post you now know how to set up feedburner and RSS on your blog. But what if you dont have a blog? What if you are just starting out with all this – why do you even care?

RSS just makes your life easier. Here’s how.

Say you really like the content I am putting out on the blog here. And you want to come back and read more. (I know, thats crazy talk…) Well, how will you know when I actually put out a new blog post? It is a pain to try to remember to just “check in” on a site every so many days and see whats going on to see if they put something new up…

That’s where RSS steps in… It will do that FOR YOU!

If you want to read my blog and keep up with what I am putting out, then all you have to do is go up to the top right hand side of the page and find the RSS feed and choose to get updates from me.

You have 2 choices if you want to get RSS updates…. Email or RSS.

If you choose email, you will get a simple email each time there is a new blog post. It will actually have the post in the email with a link that you can click to go to the blog if you wish. The nice thing about this is that if the blog post is not something that you are interested in (I doubt that!) then you can just ignore it and wait for the next one to roll in. Easy.

The second way is if you have an RSS reader that you use. Having an RSS reader can be convenient. It will pull together the latest blog posts from all the blogs you want to follow and put them in one place. Here is an example of what that might look like if you use Google’s RSS reader and you use iGoogle for your home page.

Here is the link to get the Google reader:  (its free)

One last thing… say you subscribe to someone’s feed and you get tired of their blog. You can unsubscribe anytime – its really easy. Thankfully its not like a cell phone contract… getting out is just as easy as getting in.

So, to bottom line it for you… RSS just makes things a little simpler for the blog reader.

Therefore, if you wanna stick around and read more of my craziness (really cool stuff coming soon) then go ahead to the top of this page and subscribe to the RSS :) I look forward to having you around!

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