Installing the RSS Feed on Your Blog

This post will help you set up the RSS feed on your blog.

What is the RSS Feed?

It’s that orange icon you see on nearly every blog site that allows the reader to subscribe to the blog, receiving new ¬†emails and updates each time the writer posts a new entry.

There are two ways to receive updates. One is through your email address and the other through Google Reader where it places all your blog subscription post on one newsfeed, kind of like the newsfeed on your Facebook page, but without pictures.

Here is the easiest way to install the RSS feed on your Blog Site:

1. Go to

2. Type in your web address in the space provided and click NEXT

3. The next page will have tabs that say Optimize, Publicize, Monetize – Click PUBLICIZE tab

4. On the left hand side you will see a bar with options Click EMAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS

5. You will be taken to the Subscription Management page so you can insert the RSS Feed on your blog.

6. Highlight and copy the code that is provided on the Subscription Management page.

7. Paste the code into your WordPress blog home page.

8. Click UPDATE and check to make sure that it shows up on your home page.

9. Now you need that orange icon or what they call a Chicklet to insert next to the RSS Feed.

10. Go Back to your Subscription Management page on the left hand side and click CHICKLET CHOOSER

11. You will see a list of icons to choose from. You can only choose one. Click on the best choice for your blog.

12. Highlight and copy the code that is provided once you have chosen your Chicklet.

13. Paste the code under the RSS Feed you inserted on your WordPress Home Page. You should be in HTML.

14. Click Update, make sure the home page has been Refreshed and check to see if the new icon appears.

In addition, most blogs have the RSS Feed icon on the upper right portion of their blog for easy click and subscribe. This is what is called a Widget in blog world.

1. In your WordPress Dashboard, on the left hand menu find and click WIDGETS.

2. Paste the Feedburner code into the text box provided at the right hand side and update.

3. Refresh and check to see if the widget appears on your home page.

Now you are all set. Each time you click the PUBLISH button on your WordPress site after you write your blog post, your subscribers will immediately be notified that you have a new post.

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