Hey Everybody… Lets Build a Website!

The first thing you have to do in this business is to decide what your site is going to be about. Actually, even before that, you have to decide which internet business model you will be following – but we will get to that in another post…For many people, this can be the hardest part! They spend so much time figuring out, agonizing over the topic for the best blog in the world that they end up never getting started at all… Hopefully this will help :)

There are lots of ways to choose the very best topic for your site – and what the URL (domain name of the site) should be – and what kinds of monetization you will implement on the site. I will show you how to make these decisions and how to use ALL the tools in future blog posts. But today, I am going to show you one way – the way I came up with the idea for the site that we are going to be making.

Ok… so part of the reason I do this business is because it’s fun – and the canvas is blank. So, I don’t have to make my websites about anything else that doesn’t interest me :) Now, there are lots of people who make websites about selling pots and pans on amazon and things like that – and I have several websites like that – ones that actually sell auto parts that make me a few hundred dollars a month… but I think for this first site, we will do something way more interesting. I will show you how to make niche product sites in the next case study.

Here’s how I came up with the idea for this site

So I was thinking what would I like to make a site about that I could share with you guys? My mind immediately went to my boat. I have this vintage 1965 Egg Harbor Power Boat that I am restoring. It is what’s called a “woody” – the hull is wood and the inside is really cool and full of varnished mahogany. I am really into this right now and think it would be fun to make a website about it.

So, I started doing some research. The first thing I started to look at is what the other sites in the niche look like. There were a couple (like www.woodenboat.com)- but nothing that would scare me away from making a site in this niche. Also, there were a couple of good domains available through Godaddy – and a couple more that were already registered that were for sale. So I have some good options for a domain name I am sure.

Now, I have to think about how I will make money with the site. I started to look at the advertisers on the first page of google and I found a problem.


So, what’s the problem?

The first two paid results on the advertising spots are from ebay.com and local.com. The reason that this is a problem is that one of the ways I was hoping to monetize the site was with google adsense.

If you recall from my previous post about monetization, google adsense is where you put an adblock on your site that displays ads from google advertisers.

One of the things that can kill this method is if there aren’t enough people advertising. In other words, if there aren’t many people advertising on the keywords then there won’t be GOOD ads on your site. So, the last thing you want to do here is build this huge site –  get traffic to it  - and then have no way to MAKE MONEY!

Hopefully I am not boring you to death here…. but the fact that eBay and local.com are the top 2 results tells me that there aren’t many people paying to advertise for the keyword “wooden boats”. The reason it tells me that is because google will put sites like eBay into the results to just fill them out and make it look ok. But in general it means that there are not that many people who are paying for clicks on that keyword. So that really hurts my ability to monetize the site.

So, that is strike 1. Strike 2 is found in the ads listed on the bottom of the page… Here is a screenshot:

So here goes more bad results. The first one?  Walmart. That is just like eBay. A filler. I feel pretty confident that Walmart is not in the wooden boat market these days :)

The second bad result is a boat repair place that specializes in wooden boats – this would be GOOD… except they are located in NEW HAMPSHIRE – I am in Newport Beach. If they are displaying ads in Newport Beach for boat shops across the country… that is not a good sign.

But none of that is strike 2. Strike 2 is that other listing with the arrow beside it.

The site selling wooden boat kits. After looking deeper into it, I found out that there are lots of people who make MODELS of wooden boats. So a bunch of the search engine traffic would not be relevant traffic. In other words, I have a 38 foot wooden boat. Not a 38 inch wooden boat model! And I don’t want to make a model website… So, that is a problem because it splits up my traffic big time as I don’t know whether people are searching for wooden boats (like I am) or the little models. This is a killer.

Then the 3rd strike is the fact that there aren’t lots of other ways to monetize the site. Because most wooden boats are really old classic boats, there aren’t many stores that carry parts for them. So, I don’t have the option of trying to sell physical products in the niche. So, that is enough to make me abandon the idea.

Before we go on to my next idea, I will say that there are some creative ideas and ways I might could monetize this site. Like lead generation for yacht brokers, selling adspace and stuff like that. But it is wayyyy more complicated than what I want to teach on the first case study here. So, maybe down the road I might do something here – but not now.

So, I STILL Need a Niche!

Think Kevin… THINK! :)

I thought about other things I love – and would like to do a site about. Now let me be clear first here. You don’t have to love what your site is about – but it sure helps!

Also, just to be clear… What I am showing you how to do here is what’s called a “Hobby Niche” – this is not your blog that will change the world – I will show you how to do that later :)

Anyways, back to my thinking. So, one of the other things I really like is movies. But not just dorky movies like “Dear John”. No offense to the ladies out there, but I would rather puke blood through my eyeballs than watch some stupid poorly acted movie like that… Sorry for the attack but my wife had it on this weekend and I had to leave the room after the first 5 minutes. It hurt my brain.

Back to what I do like. I like movies that are cool or quirky. But I LOVE movies that are quotable.

To me, movies like Pulp Fiction, Raising Arizona, Oh Brother, Where Art Thou, etc… are cinematic masterpieces – all because of the dialogue. I particularly love scenes where the dialogue is random and oh… so quotable. Like the scene in Pulp Fiction where Jules and Vincent are talking about Amsterdam:

Vincent: And you know what they call a… a… a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in Paris? 
Jules: They don’t call it a Quarter Pounder with cheese?
Vincent: No man, they got the metric system. They wouldn’t know what the f*ck a Quarter Pounder is. 

Jules: Then what do they call it?
Vincent: They call it a Royale with cheese.
Jules: A Royale with cheese. What do they call a Big Mac?
Vincent: Well, a Big Mac’s a Big Mac, but they call it le Big-Mac.
Jules: Le Big-Mac. Ha ha ha ha. What do they call a Whopper?
Vincent: I dunno, I didn’t go into Burger King.

So… you get the idea. I am into movies and I am the guy who brings up the random movie quote at inappropriate times and completely embarrasses my wife :)

So, I decided to do the same research and guess what… This might be a good niche!

If you look at the google advertisers (for adsense monetization) – you might be confused because there aren’t any ads at all! But we don’t have to monetize our site with adsense – we can monetize it with lots of physical products – like merchandise from the movies (t-shirts, hats, etc…) and the movies themselves. Plus Netflix has a huge affiliate program – which could be an option too.

But ultimately if I am reading quotes from Pulp Fiction – maybe I would like a t-shirt or the soundtrack… or whatever. Ultimately there are products available – which is nice.

Another big plus is that you won’t ever run out of content! If I were doing a site on wooden boats – and restoring them – eventually I might run out of interesting things to say :) But with a site like movie quotes, it can go on forever.

Yet one more big plus for this site is that it is a pop culture topic and thus very likely could go viral – or at least social media traffic is likely. This is the kind of site that could do great on facebook, twitter, youtube, etc…

People who are into this will tweet it – share it – watch it. So, traffic is not just reliant upon google. Which is nice.

Last thing is that it is perfect as well for interaction – like a blog platform. So there will be lots of ways for others to potentially add content to the site… which will make our job easier as well. It will be great to have other people give us ideas of great movies to quote, etc…

Now, the next step is looking for a domain

In a lot of niche type site guides they all talk about getting an exact match domain (if you dont know what that is, I will explain in another post) and doing all this exhaustive keyword research, etc… While I believe that CAN have its place if you are taking a business model that creates lots of sites like a lot of niche site people do – I don’t necessarily advise that – and I also don’t think its necessary here.

So, I would rather have a “brandable” domain. In looking for a bit, I came up with the name EPIC Movie Quotes – epicmoviequotes.com was available at Godaddy – so I was stoked and bought it.

And I also double checked the google keyword tool  and the keyword epic movie quotes actually gets some search volume too – like 1000 visits per month. So that is a bonus!

I made a video showing how I bought the domain at Godaddy and what NOT to buy. There are all kinds of little upsells that all of the domain registrars offer you – that you don’t really need. So if you watch it, it will show you how to do it without wasting a bunch of money.

So, watch the video below and see how I bought the domain…

In the next video, I will show you how to set up your hosting and put wordpress on the site – quick and easy. I use godaddy to buy domains and for my hosting because it is one of the simplest to use – and because they have been around for quite a while, so I don’t have to worry about them going out of business.

Couple other quick side notes. First off, if you can, always get a .com for your domain name. If you have to get a .net or .org that is less preferrable – but ok. Second thing is that I will put a link in the resources section at the end of this article that will let you get a .com for $7.99 – its a few dollars off of their regular rates. And you can get unlimited hosting for roughly $10 a month – so you can host as many sites as you want to. It is a huge deal in my opinion and it is the hosting I use for my sites. I will put a link to it down there too. Don’t feel obligated to get anything yet – you can certainly wait until you get the right idea or you can just follow along…

One last note…

Also, just as a disclaimer – the links are affiliate links and I will make a small commission if you buy a domain through them. That is not why I am doing this though – I will never make a recommendation on this blog unless it is something that I personally use and believe in for my business – these are companies I use and believe in and that is the reason I recommend them. And I don’t want anyone to feel obligated to buy through my link – although I am able to get you a little discount in this case. Lastly,  I wanted to be clear that using an affiliate link doesn’t add any costs to you – it is the same price if you use the affiliate link or not.

I just wanted to let you know all this and be completely up front with you guys about everything on the blog – and I am going to even show you all the income from all these projects so you will know how it is all going…  So, you will be able to see exactly how much money the epicmoviequotes.com site will be making and I am even going to show you how much money this site makes if anyone buys a domain through my link or anything like that. I want to be totally transparent here so that you can see it all – good, bad or ugly :)

So, look for the next blog post in a day or so… I will send out an email about it. In the meantime, if you have any questions, post them in the comments below and I will answer…

Looking forward to building an Epic Movie Quotes site!


Resources Mentioned in this post:

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Godaddy Domains ($7.99)

Godaddy Hosting


Leave a comment below with any questions or thoughts!

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Matthew May 2, 2012 at 6:44 pm

Great info so far. Thank you for that. I have an idea for an interactive tutorial website. The way I hope it makes money is buy many people buying an affordable monthly rate membership. Have you ever set up a membership based site? Are they more complex to manage or do they require specific platform criteria ie initial upfront capital?


Kevin May 2, 2012 at 8:55 pm

Hey Matthew… Thanks! Yes I have done several membership sites. There are a few prominent platforms that people use to build them right now. I will put together a blog post for you about it. You can get the software to manage the membership part of the site for as little as $97 one time fee. I will get you a link to them…

The challenge with membership sites is that the ongoing content needs to be good for people to keep paying and not cancel the membership after the first month. So, you have to keep putting good stuff in there for them and spread it out.

Maybe I will do a blog post about this soon and explain the pros and cons of continuity models like these. I will come back and give you those links.


Matthew May 3, 2012 at 8:02 pm


Thank you in advance for all that you will be doing.


Kim May 1, 2012 at 7:09 pm

Thanks, Kevin! In the future, I’ll definitely consider the keyword search before settling on a domain name. My business offers both services and products with several applicable keywords that can’t fit into a domain name. That said, will you be covering how to position your site using keywords in content vs domain names? In any case, good stuff and much appreciated.


Kevin May 1, 2012 at 7:50 pm

Thanks Kim… We are just getting started here. I will have lots of info about creating great content that helps you rank and gets you social traffic too. It will definitely apply to service businesses that have lots of things they need to try to rank for – we will get into it soon!


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