Hi… I am Kevin Hutto and this is my blog about little businesses I create and run online and off.

I grew up in South Carolina, went to college in Atlanta and now live in Southern California.

I am not rich. I’m just a regular dude who has been able to build a bunch of little internet businesses that take care of me and my family.

I’m not into Rolls Royces and Rolexes. I am really into freedom.

I am into playing 36 holes of golf every Thursday with my buddies, taking my kids to their stuff and driving my 50′ Chris Craft (pictured below).

To me, this is the dream.

I am able to do pretty much what I want… when I want.

I don’t have client meetings or a suit and tie. As a matter of fact, I only own one pair of pants. Since it is about 70 degrees where I live everyday – I figured I don’t need ‘em. It’s kind of a joke with my buddies.

What brought a southern boy who lived the first 38 years of his life in South Carolina and Georgia all the way out to CAL – I – FORN – IA… Swimming pools… Movie stars…?

Honestly, it was just a crazy idea. My wife and I were sitting on our porch in Atlanta one night and started asking ourselves – why do we live here? Was it by choice or just the path of least resistance after college? Ultimately, we went on a search of the best places to live in the country. We did the whole Route 66 trip across America and landed here. In Southern California.

The nice thing with an internet business is that you can live anywhere you want to. You are not bound to a physical job location. So, it opens up lots of cool options. Will we stay here in SoCal? Not sure… I do miss the South. I haven’t found a decent BBQ joint in SoCal in the 6 years we’ve been here…

But it IS hard for a golfer to argue with 330 sunny days a year! :-)

Anyways, I am sure you are about tired of hearing about me and want to know what the heck a self funded life is… and what this blog is all about. Well… here goes.

The Self Funded Life is the idea that you can build your own little business that allows you to have real freedom. But what is real freedom?

Most of us are so brainwashed by pop-culture into thinking it is all about clothes, cars and big houses that we don’t even know what freedom really is…

Here is the formula for freedom:

Money Freedom + Time Freedom = Real Freedom

There are plenty of people in the world struggling right now. People that don’t have ANY type of freedom.

Some people have worked very hard and are ok financially and have achieved some level of Money Freedom. In most cases, however, they have traded their time for that money. In other words, if they stop working… Then money stops flowing…

For these people, a week vacation in the summer and a week at Christmas is as close to time freedom as they ever get… Whether they work for a company and have a boss on their ass all the time — or — maybe they own the company, but it relies on them and will fall apart if they leave it for any amount of time. In this case, they own a job. Many doctors, lawyers and other professionals fall into this category. They have the money to do some fun stuff — but don’t have the TIME!

Then on the other hand, there are many people who have Time Freedom but no money. Retirees are often an example. Many retired persons have all the time in the world but don’t have the money to do the things they really would want to do if they could. People who are unemployed fall into this category too. They don’t have a job – so they have all the time in the world but they are in trouble financially.

And then there is the 3rd group of people who don’t have the time freedom or the money freedom. They are working their butts off – just to make ends meet. Let me tell you…

That all sucks.

Before we move forward though, I do want to be clear about one thing…

I am not a guru. I can’t promise you wealth and fame.

What I can do is use this blog to show you how regular people make their living off of the internet – and how with some persistence and a little luck you can too. And the business part of it is only part of the equation for me.

The other part is having fun. Life is too short to deal with crappy people and life is too short not to have fun NOW! In my opinion, the traditional advice you have been given is all wrong. Everybody says save for retirement. Max out your 401k. And when you retire you will be ok.

My idea is that you don’t have to put off living your life until you’re old… What if you never get there? What if you croak? 

That is why I got my boat – I always wanted to restore a classic old boat… Why wait til I am 70 to do it?

So, I spend a lot of my free time restoring “Sweet Dawn” in Newport Harbor. There are certainly worse things I could be doing… :)

Plus… I don’t know that I ever want to retire! I like what I do… I still have plenty of free time… and I think that retirement is a myth anyways that was perpetuated by the old dreams from the old companies. You work at a company for 40 years and get a gold watch and a pension. Was that ever a good deal?

If you like your work and your company makes passive income then you don’t have to trade your younger years for potential leisure in your older ones.

But here is what you WILL have to do… Work your ASS off in the short term. You will have to work very hard for a period of time – probably a couple of years. It is not get rich quick. It is more like get free slow. But once you get there it will be so worth it!

The good news is that I will show you what to do and how to do it – with this blog.

If you are ready to live a Self Funded Life… Then welcome aboard! I’m happy you are here.


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