22 Sales of our Craigslist book in the first 15 days of October – What we have learned

I wrote the other day about the craigslist book we wrote. Its just a simple 35 page book about how to buy and sell for profit on craigslist. Nothing too fancy. You can see it here:

Craigslist Cash Online

We wrote it during the summer. It has been doing well but not spectacular. It was making roughly 10 to 20 sales a month which translated into $20 to $40 profit per month – certainly nothing to sneeze at but not gonna make us rich either though.

We heard about a course that showed how to market the kindle books to make them sell better. So, we bought the course (it was $300). We used the method that they recommended at the end of last month and so far it looks like it has worked!

We have done 22 sales in the first 15 days of October… which leads us to believe we will do between 40 to 50 sales per month. This takes our earnings from $20 a month (on the low end) up to $100 a month on the high end.

That is a 500% increase. Huge deal.

Our kindle account makes roughly $500 a month right now… if this marketing works the same way on all our books then we are looking at making $2500 a month with the same exact account. That is a big deal because if you look at making $100 a month per book then you are in a significantly better position… if you write one book a week then you should have a $5000 a month income in 12 months – thats $60k per year. That is life changing for most people for sure.

The other thing that is nice about this is that you only have to do it once every 3 months or so… and its not too much work to begin with.

What are the marketing efforts?

Well I am not going to give the exact steps as it would be unethical of me to share the secrets of someone elses course – but essentially it is about running a 5 day KDP promotion and trying to get as MANY FREE DOWNLOADS as possible. The more free downloads you get – the more paid sales you will get once the promotion is over.

Now I haven’t tested this extensively. I have only tested it on one book. But the results look promising.

I will keep you posted as I continue to test the method on more books.

Another thought… just as a sidenote. With all the different updates going on out there right now with the search engines, the kindle is a great way to diversify your income. I don’t advise abandoning other methods but I think it is smart to diversify the platforms that you are relying on.

For instance, if you are doing adsense publishing then you are likely dependent on organic search engine traffic from sites like google. The reason you are reliant on that traffic is that you have to get CHEAP traffic because the monetization is pretty low. In other words, you can’t buy traffic at 50 cents a click when you are only making 25 cents a click. Thats a loser.

Now there are other reasons why adsense publishers rely on SEO but I will get into those in another post.

If you are an information marketer – writing ebooks and stuff like that then you are probably relying on JV traffic to your offers. What I mean by that is that you work out relationships with people who have lists and offer them commissions to present your product to their list. You can also make money based on SEO traffic – but it is quite a bit slower… and sales pages generally dont rank too well organically as they are built to have few “leaks” which means that they dont have many links out and are usually pretty simple websites. There are other methods of driving traffic to these sites – including paid traffic but those can get quite complicated.

If you are doing affiliate marketing then you are reliant upon the traffic source – often SEO and also reliant upon the vendor that you are sending customers to… The vendor could have crappy customer service, a crappy product or they could just change the rules on you. These can be fraught with peril.

There are other models like ecommerce, starting a service business, and others… they are all reliant upon SOME platform or model. Like service businesses… you would think they dont rely on anything right? Well what about their merchant account? Think about what it means to have 50 customers set up on auto bill with paypal or some other merchant account only to have the merchant decide they dont want to do business with you any more. Now you gotta scramble to get the monthly receivables because you already spent the money paying for the work!

Here’s the Reality though…

The reality is that business is hard. I am not trying to scare you away – no matter how much it may seem that way :) I am just letting you know that anything you do will have risk. If you can diversify that risk then you will be able to sleep better at night.

It’s like the husband and wife realtor team. They are all in on real estate. If the market crashes then they can be in big trouble… and many people were. So diversify your risk. That is why we are writing kindle books. The traffic to these books comes from the amazon ecosystem so it isnt reliant upon a search engine. The payments come straight from amazon so it isnt dependent upon some merchant account or paypal. So, it is a good hedge against your other businesses.

I know this post went all over the place… but maybe it gives you something to think about.

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