The internet is the greatest opportunity of our lifetimes. By Far.

You can sell anything to anybody anywhere. Think about that for a minute. You can sell a pair of blue jeans that you bedazzled to a 17 year old girl in China. People do every day. Is it me or is that just insane!

There are kids making fortunes right now. I just read the story of a 17 year old girl who made $2 Million dollars while in high school by making myspace layouts for other teens and selling them for like twenty bucks.

Have you ever had an idea and you just brushed it off and then one day you saw people taking action on your idea and making a killing at it? Yeah, me too. I could tell you 10 stories like that – but I will save that for another post :)

The point is… that starting a business on the internet is just like that… but times 10. You will be kicking yourself ten years from now if you didn’t at least try.

The Internet Gold Rush is Now

Trust me, it won’t ever be easier than it is right now to start up a business online. We are still in the Wild West phase of the internet where people are going after gold like crazy and getting it.

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I want to make a difference. Most people do at some level. Save the world? Probably not …but something.

There are lots of causes out there…

- save the whales

- save the rain forest

- go green and save the whole planet

I am not into whales or rainforests that much… Although they are cool. I was about 30 feet from a whale in my boat one time just outside the wedge at Newport Beach. It was a massive creature. I was really surprised how big they are – it was bigger than my boat. But that is a story for another time…

Back to helping save the world – or making whatever difference we can. I think that focusing on the good is the only way we can make it. There is so much negative input out there right now that it is easy to get completely focused on all the bad. That just demotivates me. I dont want to be demotivated and depressed about all the bad stuff… I want to make whatever difference I can.

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I had an interesting interaction today. I was handling customer service because Cheryl was out. Cheryl has been handling customer service for me for about 4 years. And she is great. She used to work for my wife’s  law firm back in the day. She is way over qualified to answer emails and phone calls for my little internet business – but it has worked out great for everyone.

Anyways… back to the story. I was going through the support requests and helping people. Some of them had questions. Some of them had problems downloading their course. And a few wanted refunds because either they weren’t happy with what they bought or in a couple of cases – their situation had changed and they just wanted to go another direction. That’s fine with me for sure and I was processing their refunds.

Then I got an email from a young lady… Lets call her “Tosha”. Thats not her real name (and if your name is Tosha and you are reading this – I apologize in advance). Anyways, Tosha sends and email and says she can’t download her course. I said no problem and send her the course via email and a link to download it anytime later as well. Problem solved… right?

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Unless you have been under a rock for the last 10 years you probably know who the “Rich Dad” is… Robert Kiyosaki who authored those books is not actually the “Rich Dad” – he was the kid who was taught many “money lessons” by the rich dad figure. Now it seems that Kiyosaki is filing bankruptcy.

One of his companies is being sued by the Learning Annex. There were obviously some past collaborations that went bad and now they are suing Kiyosaki for millions. So he is filing bankruptcy. And People are ripping him apart for it in the media.

I don’t know if there ever was a rich dad. I don’t know if kiyosaki is a good guy or not. I don’t even know if he made a red cent before his make money books came out… what I do know is that he is one of the single biggest factors in the real estate investment boom that happened. He is also one of the biggest catalysts for entrepreneurship in general! So, whether real or fake – his effect is very positive :)

But here is the crux of the issue. The rich dad books are just a starting point. They need to be the beginning of the learning experience for you – in a similar way that the 4HWW book should just be the jumping off point. You have to dig the specifics out yourself. That is where it gets real.

My advice is to take these things for what they can be – great parables that help you with your life. If you ever wanted to be an entrepreneur then the Rich Dad books are a decent read to give you some motivation and a start.

I wrote the other day about the craigslist book we wrote. Its just a simple 35 page book about how to buy and sell for profit on craigslist. Nothing too fancy. You can see it here:

Craigslist Cash Online

We wrote it during the summer. It has been doing well but not spectacular. It was making roughly 10 to 20 sales a month which translated into $20 to $40 profit per month – certainly nothing to sneeze at but not gonna make us rich either though.

We heard about a course that showed how to market the kindle books to make them sell better. So, we bought the course (it was $300). We used the method that they recommended at the end of last month and so far it looks like it has worked!

We have done 22 sales in the first 15 days of October… which leads us to believe we will do between 40 to 50 sales per month. This takes our earnings from $20 a month (on the low end) up to $100 a month on the high end.

That is a 500% increase. Huge deal.

Our kindle account makes roughly $500 a month right now… if this marketing works the same way on all our books then we are looking at making $2500 a month with the same exact account. That is a big deal because if you look at making $100 a month per book then you are in a significantly better position… if you write one book a week then you should have a $5000 a month income in 12 months – thats $60k per year. That is life changing for most people for sure.

The other thing that is nice about this is that you only have to do it once every 3 months or so… and its not too much work to begin with.

What are the marketing efforts?

Well I am not going to give the exact steps as it would be unethical of me to share the secrets of someone elses course – but essentially it is about running a 5 day KDP promotion and trying to get as MANY FREE DOWNLOADS as possible. The more free downloads you get – the more paid sales you will get once the promotion is over.

Now I haven’t tested this extensively. I have only tested it on one book. But the results look promising.

I will keep you posted as I continue to test the method on more books.

Another thought… just as a sidenote. With all the different updates going on out there right now with the search engines, the kindle is a great way to diversify your income. I don’t advise abandoning other methods but I think it is smart to diversify the platforms that you are relying on.

For instance, if you are doing adsense publishing then you are likely dependent on organic search engine traffic from sites like google. The reason you are reliant on that traffic is that you have to get CHEAP traffic because the monetization is pretty low. In other words, you can’t buy traffic at 50 cents a click when you are only making 25 cents a click. Thats a loser.

Now there are other reasons why adsense publishers rely on SEO but I will get into those in another post.

If you are an information marketer – writing ebooks and stuff like that then you are probably relying on JV traffic to your offers. What I mean by that is that you work out relationships with people who have lists and offer them commissions to present your product to their list. You can also make money based on SEO traffic – but it is quite a bit slower… and sales pages generally dont rank too well organically as they are built to have few “leaks” which means that they dont have many links out and are usually pretty simple websites. There are other methods of driving traffic to these sites – including paid traffic but those can get quite complicated.

If you are doing affiliate marketing then you are reliant upon the traffic source – often SEO and also reliant upon the vendor that you are sending customers to… The vendor could have crappy customer service, a crappy product or they could just change the rules on you. These can be fraught with peril.

There are other models like ecommerce, starting a service business, and others… they are all reliant upon SOME platform or model. Like service businesses… you would think they dont rely on anything right? Well what about their merchant account? Think about what it means to have 50 customers set up on auto bill with paypal or some other merchant account only to have the merchant decide they dont want to do business with you any more. Now you gotta scramble to get the monthly receivables because you already spent the money paying for the work!

Here’s the Reality though…

The reality is that business is hard. I am not trying to scare you away – no matter how much it may seem that way :) I am just letting you know that anything you do will have risk. If you can diversify that risk then you will be able to sleep better at night.

It’s like the husband and wife realtor team. They are all in on real estate. If the market crashes then they can be in big trouble… and many people were. So diversify your risk. That is why we are writing kindle books. The traffic to these books comes from the amazon ecosystem so it isnt reliant upon a search engine. The payments come straight from amazon so it isnt dependent upon some merchant account or paypal. So, it is a good hedge against your other businesses.

I know this post went all over the place… but maybe it gives you something to think about.

So I have been messing around with the Kindle all year. I think it is an amazing idea. More and more people are buying them and it is so easy to buy a book on one.

I know I keep seeing these charges on my statements. My wife, kids and I spend over $100 a month just on Kindle books. Now I know we aren’t normal :)  Most people dont do that – but I bet as time goes on it will become mainstream. It is just easier. It’s so convenient.

Here’s an example what I mean. Last weekend my teenage daughter forgot her book at school and had a big test on Monday. She was freaking out. We tried calling around and couldn’t get anybody. So on a whim I decided to search it on the Kindle – and sure enough they had the book she needed on there for twelve bucks. So I bought it for her. It was a life saver in her mind and another eye opener in mine. They just made twelve bucks the EASY way. They didn’t have to hard sell me… They didn’t have to do anything special at all – they just had to be in there. I needed the book right then and I was able to get it right then so it was a layup sale.

As the kindle gets more and more popular and is in everybody’s home this is gonna be more and more prevalent. When people need help with something they will just search it up on the Kindle. People do this with search engines all the time… but with the results of those searches often being manipulated or less than reliable it will be easy for Amazon to slip in under the radar and get a lot of that traffic.

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My parents divorced when I was 5 and we lived with my dad. My father worked very hard for us. He worked for a company named Fluor Daniel as a Machinist. He came home filthy every night and didn’t get paid much money. We weren’t poor but we were barely making it. And I know he felt enormous pressure. He was very good at his job. As a matter of fact, he was the best. That’s just the kind of man he is…

He also never missed a day of work (that I can remember) in all those years. We are both blessed with good genes and don’t get sick much. I was in 9th grade when my dad got laid off from his job.

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There is a shared revenue program between website owners and google called adsense. If you have ever been to a website and saw a bunch of links in the middle of articles or on the page that said something like “ads by google” or something similar then you have seen it.

This is a great program for website owners who have sites that aren’t really selling anything but still would like to make some money off of their sites. For instance if you have a blog about your passion – say its golf – and you are not a golf store or anything then adsense might be a way for you to make a few bucks off your blog.

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KISSI have been stuck. I want to make this blog awesome and helpful. But there are so many things to write about (potentially) that I have been stuck – for about 4 months.

The other thing is that people tell you that you have to write “epic shit”. I have seen that phrase thrown out about blogging about 100 times. I am not a writer. So I don’t know if I am even capable of writing “epic shit”. I am not going to try.

I am just going to try and write some actionable and helpful stuff and see where that takes me. So, the blog posts will be coming much more frequently and will cover more breadth of topics. But hopefully will give you and me some cool ideas and ways to make an income online. I have been fortunate in that I have made an income online for over 10 years now. It is an amazing thing to think that you can make it without a job or boss – but that is what me and lots of other people are doing.

There are plenty of complicated ways to make an income online but since I have to start somewhere – I say lets keep it simple for now.

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So, if you just read the previous RSS post you now know how to set up feedburner and RSS on your blog. But what if you dont have a blog? What if you are just starting out with all this – why do you even care?

RSS just makes your life easier. Here’s how.

Say you really like the content I am putting out on the blog here. And you want to come back and read more. (I know, thats crazy talk…) Well, how will you know when I actually put out a new blog post? It is a pain to try to remember to just “check in” on a site every so many days and see whats going on to see if they put something new up…

That’s where RSS steps in… It will do that FOR YOU!

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